Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread Men

Finally, House of Munch is back up and running. Sorry about the prolonged absence- balancing school and life has been a bit overwhelming. It's not as if I haven't been baking; I've just been selfish and haven't shared it with you!

The recipe is from The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion: The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook, a book I highly suggest for anyone who likes to bake. The recipes are not overly complicated and there are diagrams in select recipes to help show you how to achieve the final product.

In total, I baked over 180 gingerbread men for the holidays. My mom and I decorated for 4 hours. It started out as gifts for my friends, which turned into a list of 25 people, which spilled over to my aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins. Luckily, the weather was in my favor because Boston got at least 16 inches of snow over the weekend- allowing me to become a hermit without getting weird looks from my sisters.

So worth it.

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Jennifer said...

LOL...I live in Medford and stayed holed up in the kitchen during the big seemed like the thing to do! Your g'bread people are lovely!