Sunday, August 17, 2008

TWD: Granola Grabbers

I usually make granola for my mom every couple of weeks, and we had just run out when this became the recipe of the week. So I made some granola, and got started on these cookies. I substituted pecans for peanuts because that's what I had on hand. I also was too impatient to wait for the baking sheets to cool down in between batches, so I stuck the remaining half of the batter into the fridge and made the rest two days later.
My parents like them a lot, I actually haven't tried more than a crumb that fell off the cooling rack cause I'm not a big fan of granola. I guess I'll have to eat one soon though, there are so many and not enough people in the house to eat them!


Pamela said...

You should give them a try, they were a tasty cookie. By the way, I just read your post about the sticky buns. Congrats on doing that all by hand! Nice job.

Sweet Peace said...

your cookies look warm and inviting... i want to try some!

The DeL Sisters said...

You should really try one! We used pecans as well they tasted really good!