Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sandwich Rye Bread

Recently I have become obsessed with all things yeast. Whole wheat bread, cinnamon buns (coming soon) and, of course, this Rye Bread. People warned me that it would be sticky and hard to work with, but my dad really loves him some rye toast in the mornings so I pushed all the possibilities of failure to the side and searched for a dairy-less recipe (because my family keeps kosher, the bread can't contain dairy if I want to eat a roast beef sandwich on it!).

I've made this bread three times in the same number of weeks- that's how good it is. And I thought I didn't like rye bread...until I tried this one. It has a fine grain, mild flavor and goes perfectly with turkey pastrami and mustard. You can find the recipe here. I used the King Arthur Rye Flour Blend instead of the pumpernickel called for because well, that's what we bought and it's the reason behind the more mild rye flavor (which I like better anyways). The greatest part about the whole recipe is the pickle juice used in place of some of the water- it really adds a whole other deli-dimension to the bread. Plus, although King Arthur claims this bread isn't a high riser, just check out that finished loaf. It's the epitome of a perfect sandwich slice.


Sophie said...

The bread came out great, it looks like artisan bread-it would make for a great sandwich :)!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Looks like the perfect sandwich bread. I just tried Bavarian's kosher bread and it is very tasty. Do you have any favorite kosher brand breads?